The technology of production of oxide, isopropylate, aluminum hydroxide

Superpure  extrafine  aluminum oxide powder production is used as raw stuff for growing leucosapphire mono crystals that are employed in electronic industry as well as medical, cosmetic, chemical, etc. industries.

New energy efficient eco-friendly technology for superpure extrafine aluminum oxide powder production has been developed at our enterprise. As compared to the existing techniques, it allows decreasing production costs of the powder of the same quality by several times.

Aluminum oxide is produced using alcoxide technology, where raw stuff aluminum is dissolved in isopropyl alcohol and turns into an organometallic compound, aluminum izopropoxide (1,2). Aluminum isopropoxide undergoes a several-stage purification process to reduced the number of admixtures. Purified aluminum isopropoxide is hydrolyzed with deionized water, producing boehmite and isopropyl alcohol. The latter is directed to the aluminum dissolution stage, while dried boehmite goes to the heating stage. Being heated, boehmite produces aluminum oxide (γ-phase or α-phase depending on the temperature). Not toxic waste is formed during superpure extrafine aluminum oxide powder production.