Technological process for the production of aluminum oxide

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Aluminium oxide of 99.999% purity

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The process for production of superpure aluminum oxide consists of several stages:

  • Dissolution of aluminum in isopropyl alcohol;
  • Purification of the obtained aluminum isopropoxide;
  • Hydrolysis;
  • Heating.

Dissolution of aluminum is done in isopropyl alcohol. The reaction product is aluminum isopropoxide.

Aluminum isopropoxide undergoes a two-stage purification process.

Purified aluminum isopropoxide (of 99.9999% purity) runs into a hydrolysis reactor.
Hydrolysis gives aluminum hydroxide
The produced aluminum hydroxide is dried up and poured into a special container.
Aluminum hydroxide is heated at several stages.
In this process aluminum hydroxide turns into gamma-phase aluminum oxide..