Ultra-pure aluminum oxide


Aluminum oxide is a type of raw stuff which refining depth determines the technological level of the country industry. The maximal refining depth is achieved in high quality ceramics production for electronics and particularly in leucosapphire mono crystal production for laser and LED equipment.

In leucosapphire mono crystal production for the above indicated areas the highest demands are placed on admixture content. In 2006-2008 there were a number of contractors and enterprises that supplied the Russian market with aluminum oxide powder.

They claimed their powder was of the required purity. However, when checked in the Korund Ltd spectral laboratory and in the process of technological sampling the claimed quality level was not proved. Considerable amount of admixtures, such as Mg, Na and others, was manifested in the course of sample crystal growing through change of color, defect crystal form and structure.

aluminum α-oxide aluminum γ-oxide
abrasives and polishing pastes industrial catalyst base
filler into paints to reduce abradability adsorbents
high-duty and fireproof ceramics porous ceramics
sapphire raw material luminophors
dental cements desiccants
vacuum-tight ceramics  

Absence of analysis result reproducibility is one more issue to be dealt with in the course of superpure extrafine aluminum oxide powder production technology 'fine-tuning'. The report gives the test results of a great number of samples received from potential suppliers. Highly contaminated samples of some other manufacturers are not included in the list.

The best results as regards the chemical purity of aluminium gamma oxide powder have been recently achieved by Prima Ltd (Sarov, Nizhegorodskaya region). The data of emissive spectral analysis done by our spectral laboratory are published in the attached report by Korund Ltd.