Prima Ltd

We produce:

- Aluminium oxide (gamma and alpha phase purity 99.99% and 99.999%);

- Isopropylate aluminum of a purity of 99,99% and 99,999%;

- Bemit (99,99% and 99,999%);

- Hydroxide of aluminium, on request;

- It is possible to supply a test batch of up to 1kg for free (excluding shipping).

Superpure products

Purity of product confirmed by independent emissive spectral analysis by 27 admixtures - 99.999%. Learn more »

Flexible policy for partners

Each partner is important to us. We practice individual approach and stand behind our quality. Learn more »

Shipment to your region

Shipment is available to any region of Russia. We use the leading transportation companies. Learn more »

Expansion of production

Prima offers turnkey innovative plans with production capacity from 6 tons per month.Learn more »


One-of-a-kind offer - innovative turnkey plant!

Are you expanding your production line? Would you like to minimize expenses on raw stuff? Streamline your production string? Enter a new niche market free from competition? Prima technologies are the key to your success!