Environmentally friendly technology

Today production of aluminum oxide of more than 99,997% purity is expensive and complicated, involving cyclic process, temperatures of up to 200°C and pressures of up to 350 atm, corrosive acids and alkali, additional purifications.

Prima Ltd engineers have developed an innovative superpure powder production technology that is cost-effective, eco-friendly and complies with all the modern requirements. The new technology allows superpure aluminum oxide powder production without any toxic waste.

In the course of pilot implementation it was proved that even when the plant started working to its capacity (30 tonnes of aluminum oxide per month), the amount of dangerous circulating substances (isopropyl alcohol, aluminum izopropoxide and hydrogen) would not exceed 2% of the limit, established by Annex#2 of Federal Act "About industrial safety of hazardous production facilities" of 1997.07.21 No 116 – Ф3.

Volzhsko-Okskoye Department of Rostechnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Nuclear Supervision) considered it possible not to classify Prima Ltd superpure aluminum oxide production line as a hazardous production facility.