The most modern equipment

The plant technological complex includes quality laboratory, which allows monitoring product purity at all the production stages. Information about the laboratory equipment and its function is given in the table:

Equipment Function
Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer iCAP 6300 MFC Duo Element analysis in order to determine impurity composition of substances
iTEVA software-enabled automated workstation for iCAP 6300 MFC Duo To facilitate data analysis and processing
Quick time gas sorption analyzer NOVA 1200e BET surface area test, as well as pore-size analysis
QUANTACHROME software-enabled automated workstation for NOVA 7.30 To facilitate data analysis and processing
Microwave sample preparation system MARS 5 To facilitate preparation of samples of a wide range of materials under laboratory conditions
Azeotropic distillation apparatus for ultrapure acids BERGHOF distillacid BSB-939-IR Purification and after-purification of acids